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We make visions fly.

Discover time and distance reimagined. Introducing the Nexus, Textron eAviation's vision of advanced air mobility serving industries worldwide.

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On-demand air mobility.

Cruising at more than 120 knots, the Nexus can reduce an hour of travel time to mere minutes. It's not only faster than ground-based vehicles, but also ready to rise on demand. Welcome to the future of flight, where connections between people and places happen on the fly.

Capacity for comfort.

Imagine it: everyday transportation with the comfort of a private aircraft. Designed for one pilot and three passengers, the Nexus provides everyone on board with spacious seating, quiet cabin technology and large wrap-around windows that maximize situational awareness.

Zero emissions.

For sustainable aviation to succeed, it must be safe, reliable and efficient. We have experience developing and certifying electric aircraft for modern skies. The Nexus delivers on the promise of environmentally friendly flight that integrates seamlessly with the National Airspace System.

Opportunities in range.

Capable of flying 100 nautical miles, the Nexus offers enough range to traverse the world's largest cities. Tiltrotor technology enables vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) out of urban areas and rugged environments alike. Or wherever advanced air mobility is needed.

Specifications and performance expectations are preliminary and subject to change.
Nexus Specs

Air Taxi

As a passenger transport tool, the Nexus revolutionizes the way people and businesses commute in large cities.

  • Fast, efficient and safe transit
  • Reduced air and noise pollution
  • Time and cost savings

Shipping and Cargo

Configured to transport cargo, the Nexus unpacks limitless potential as an airborne tool for pickup and delivery.

  • Time-sensitive documents
  • Food and beverage
  • Emergency supplies

Disaster Response

When ground-based transportation is not feasible, the Nexus provides logistical support to expedite disaster relief.

  • Ability to overfly heavy traffic, debris fields and flooded areas
  • Firefighter drop-off and extraction
  • Civilian evacuation

Air Ambulance

Advanced air mobility can save millions of lives annually by improving response times during medical emergencies.

  • Rapid transport of first responders
  • Patient transfer between hospitals
  • Increased support to underserved communities

Law Enforcement

The Nexus offers on-demand airborne mobility to assist law enforcement agencies in crime prevention.

  • Rapid dispatch and arrival on the scene
  • Increased patrol range
  • Maneuverability in urban environments

Vision takes shape.

The Nexus rises to meet the same performance standards as all of our industry-leading aircraft. To bring a truly viable product to the advanced air mobility market, we are leveraging the strengths of Textron's world-class aviation brands, including Cessna, Beechcraft, Bell, Pipistrel and McCauley.

  • Expertise in electric aviation, tiltrotor systems, cabin design and economical performance.
  • More than 90 years of experience producing and certifying a wide range of innovative aircraft.
  • Manufacturing capacity to meet the demands of emerging urban air mobility markets.
  • Proven track record of making good on promises to shareholders, partners and customers.
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We're the future of flight.

With a history of revolutionizing air travel, Textron eAviation is committed to creating sustainable flight solutions that reduce aviation's impact on communities and empower industries with new forms of transportation. Our workforce is preparing to lead the way in eVTOL aircraft manufacturing. Are you on board?

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